Yes, we CAN change!

by | Apr 21, 2024

These are the days when we look forward, with hope. We look back too. What do we see, if we care to give some consideration to our own life?

Usually, one (if we are lucky) side of our life is a bit of a mess. Perhaps you are a blessed happy exception 🥳 but from my observation, that is just how things often are. I guess we have (subconsciously) decided that without some trouble, our life would be boring…. 🤔 (WHO taught us that?!!!)

It could be our personal relationships. Or the family “stuff.” Or health. Or wealth 🤑 Carrier. Relationships at work. Et cetera, et cetera.

The thing is, if that side of our life insists on being persistently messy, that means that there is something that we are doing (or feeling, or thinking) — *repeatedly* — that keeps re-creating that mess. Yes, you read it right: it is of our own doing.

And that is a GOOD NEWS! Because that means we can change it!

(Ah, still love blaming someone else for what happens to you? Stop it, right now! You are only giving them your power by thinking that they, and not you, have an upper hand in your life.)

It looks like there is something that we are doing that is holding our beloved mess close to us, like glue. In a way, it is a bit like playing with the same broken old toy all the time… Fun goes out of it after a while.

Yet we could start creating a more joyful, more light filled, *an easier* life (or try some new mess, at least!) I just wonder, might it be that you don’t think that you can change something that is deeply engrooved in your life, your, style, your character?

Yes, we can! 😁 If you *want* to change, then let me teach you. I can show you how to let go of those old bothersome habits, thoughts, emotions and open yourself up – to more choice, more joy, more life!