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Say good-bye to the hurts of your past

What if healing of our emotional pain was a quick and simple thing? Imagine how our lives would be flowing, with no gaping holes in our hearts, no stuck-ness, no “all over again” fits of despair. One, two, three – the wound is gone, and we are like new, free to live again!

That sure does sound like magic. Yet today we are not too far from it! There are tools that can quickly help you clear away those ghosts of the unwanted past, let go of the persistent mistakes you have been making repeatedly for the last 10, 30, whatever years…

And you can get back to becoming your best self that you came into this life to be before all these bricks fell onto your head and you almost forgot who you were.

The thing is, while the image of the incredibly slow, years long therapy (on a couch) still persists in our psyche, in real life the tree of psychotherapy has been branching out pretty actively for many decades. One of the most promising in its efficiency “branches” is that of the various forms of work with our so-called “inner selves.”

I have based my emotional healing work on one of those forms, called Holodynamics, for many years, and continue to use it now. Plus to that, I have found a similar method that in many cases works even faster and with the highest efficiently. It has been introduced by a contemporary intuitive Christie Marie Sheldon, and it involves more direct work with the energy of those stuck places in us.

It has massively changed my own life and I am thrilled to now offer you the opportunity to learn it too. Of course, if you prefer for the changes in your life to happen at a slower pace — and there could be good reasons for that — we can choose to use more traditional methods of work as well.

I contacted Natalia for help with healing some very deep feelings of grief and loss that were interfering with my ability to function, to think, and to feel anything other than sadness and despair.

…I was surprised in session when Natalia seemed to be able to track with precision whether some heavy energy in me had cleared or only partially cleared. Her encouragement and support kept flowing the entire session. I experienced her as completely non-judgemental as well as very insightful.

…My grief lifted as it had not in the past three years, I stopped judging myself in my head, and I was able to function and to actually feel happy and light. Natalia gave me a practice to do if I started to feel sad or depressed, and in just moments, I was back to feeling alive and connected to the Universe. I use that guidance still today.

J.R., OH

Learn to pick a perfect goal

Natalia… helped me get clear on my Why-s and to let go of some of my old beliefs about what I should do (and how.) And in just a few days I finished two things that have been sitting on my to-do list for more than a year, and that was easy!

It feels like my usual procrastination is no more… I have so much more energy, and have hope again, and plans that I have already begun working on bringing into life.

A.A., CA

Always having a goal, however small, is hugely important for us simply because otherwise we are giving ourselves to the mercy of the life streams initiated by someone else. And, having a purpose also gives our life *meaning.* 

What would an ideal goal be? Surely, it is the one that helps us make our life better and that we can reach! You might have already discovered by your own experience that success, no matter how small, seems to “open a door” for another success.

Attaining what we decided to go for improves our self-esteem, gives us that wonderful feeling of I-CAN-ness, and makes us generally feel that life is worth living. 

That is why we want to have our eye on things that we can actually get, things for which the time is right, our forces are enough, having checked that their consequences will be beneficial for us and our loved ones.

If you are not sure whether an object, a goal that you got your eyes on, is timely for you, or perhaps even don’t know what you want to go for at all, I can help you find the way that will serve you best at this moment of your life.

Make great decisions and live life of no regrets

You think, how is that even possible — never to regret? That would mean to never make mistakes? Doesn’t one have to know the future to ensure that we choose just right?

Well, that depends on what you mean by “mistakes.” Things do change, and people change, no doubt. We might look around in five or ten years and decide that what we have is not serving us anymore.

The question is, how do we ensure that our decisions are truly, deeply, unquestionably serving us at least within the horizon of our current vision. Because if they do, then we will not regret them when the time of change comes — we will simply turn the page and change course.

And yes, there is a way to make only the decisions that are, in that sense, perfect, and it is not difficult to learn. One might say it involves, to some degree, the ability to predict the future. The truth is we all have that ability: we call it intuition.

If you ever find that your intuition is incorrect, there is a simple answer to that: it is not your intuition that is speaking. It is, in one form or another, your mind. It is learning to differentiate between the two that takes time.

To help you with that I am using an easy method that is adopted by spiritual teachings and modern-day psychology alike.

The first thing Natalia asked me was if I knew what I wanted. I thought I did, but after just a few questions it became clear that I didn’t. I didn’t even know what questions to ask myself, I was so vague, I just knew I needed… something that would help me change my life and bring at least a little happiness.

Natalia… was able to help me release the pattern that I had from my early childhood of not getting what I want. I must say I had no memory of the situation that started it all, and I had no understanding of how my sense of duty influenced my life in such a way that I learned to live unhappily. The concept of free choice replacing duty was shocking to me at first.

…I feel I have a new beginning now, like a whole new world is opening before me. I would have not been here if it wasn’t for Natalia’s amazing insight, her encouragement and kindness.

N.O., UK

Get to know your best helpmate — one you can always trust

Thank you for helping me release my old relationship trauma. I could feel your wisdom, your warmth and compassion which for me made all the difference. I can really sense healing happening every passing day now, as if my soul is getting back to me. I feel I am becoming freer and myself again.

M.P., Germany

Life becomes remarkably better when we begin to live our days in alignment with the “part” of us that seems to know the truth about things, people, situations. That “part” also possesses knowledge of our own strengths and weaknesses, our wishes and deepest heart desires.

Whether we perceive that side of us to be our inner voice, our intuition, our “Higher Self,” or an “externally” situated being of light doesn’t really matter, the results are the same.

We are happier, things become easier, our life starts to flow, and at some point we begin to feel truly supported and even carried by the stream of a benevolent and powerful force. It might take some time to develop trust and understanding of that “helping hand’ but it is definitely worth it!

If we have not worked together yet, you can request a free of charge 20min session here