Frequently Asked Questions

There are what seems to be thousands and thousands of coaches out there. How are you different?

First thing to say is that every person is different. By that I mean, each coach will be special in their own way, even if they are trained by the same program. You should always choose with your gut, your feeling, your intuition:  do I feel better or worse after speaking with this person? Does their atmosphere agree with me? Do they seem kind? Happy? Wise? And whatever else that is important to you. Trust your feeling!

As to what makes me different plus to me being me, that would be the knowledge and expertise that I have acquired by studying the variety of the therapies and coaching techniques, learning the Sufi approach to helping a human being become whole, practicing intuitive (psychic) coaching, and by working with clients for over 25 years.

How can a coach know which direction I need to move in my life? I can't seem to figure it out, so how can anyone else know?

The direction in which you need to go is only known to you. That knowledge is already there, it is possible that you are not aware of it, but it IS there. The coach’s function is to facilitate your hearing/feeling/perception of your truth, not to impose any of coach’s own ideas or beliefs on you.

How do I know how many sessions I will need?

More than anything else, that depends on your willingness to change. We often wish for changes in our *circumstances* yet forget that *we* will have to change too. I can help you with that, but you can also ask yourself right now: on the scale from 1 to 10, how ready am I for a change in myself? If it less than 10, do you know why? What holds you attached to the way things are?

And of course, depending on the issue you come to me with, the length of our work together will differ. If you need help in making the right decision, that might take 1-2 sessions only. If you want to find a partner, or change your career, in all probability it will take longer. See also here

I understand that you are on the path of Sufism. Does it mean that if I want to work on my spiritual goals, I have to be a Muslim? What if I don't believe in God? How much religion is present in the way you work?

No, you don’t have to belong to any specific religion or even have any particular beliefs. You can read about the understanding of Sufism I partake in on this site, here I only want to say that Sufism is about experience and not beliefs.

I do not use a religious approach in my work unless a client’s own worldview is calling for that.

What if it doesn't work? Can I get a refund?

I always have a free 20-min session with a person to get the feeling whether I can help or not. Once I know the answer and it is YES, the only way our work can bring no result is if you don’t follow what I suggest, don’t do the practices I prescribe, or decide that you don’t want more change in your life. For that reason, there is no refund for the sessions that took place.

In some circumstances, there could be a partial refund (of the price of some packages, unless stated otherwise.) Please see the Terms of Service for more detail.

And what's with all these roses?

Aren’t they beautiful? Whether you like the drawings I picked up or not, you must agree that the rose flower possesses exquisite beauty.

Rose is also a very dear symbol in Sufism: it stands for our heart opening towards Reality, towards Light, opening in perfection and absolute beauty that each of us holds deeply inside. On my Sufi site I tell more about Sufism (and there are more roses, too.)

The main reason why these roses are here is because they represent what I wish for you, as well as for myself: aliveness, elegance, grace, fullness of expression, continuous change and unfoldment, and just a bit of mystery remaining hidden in the very centre.