About me

Is it easy to discover what suits us in today’s sea of coaching, therapeutic, and spiritual offerings? Not until we get courage and allow our intuition, our gut to lead us; then the task of finding a truly helpful guidance becomes, rather naturally, very achievable.

That is how I always chose which school to go to, which teacher to study with, which group to join. Good results?

Well, now I think that they are, although for a long while I felt like I was wandering in the dark, all by myself.

My parents, while being well-educated and not poor, not only didn’t encourage freedom in almost any way, but also at no point do I remember anyone in my family emphasising the importance of creating a happy life. As a result, I shut down my sensitivity and most of my desires almost completely, from my late childhood and for what seemed like a very, very long time. 

Not having help from my family and often feeling different and not understood with even my closest friends, I realised I had to find all the answers by myself: who am I? what have I come into this life to do? And can it ever become more enjoyable for me???

Unsurprisingly, I turned from philosophy, which was my MA subject, to psychology and psychotherapy. The next not-so-few years after the university were devoted to sometimes careful, sometimes brash and totally unskilful, withdrawal from the past.

Over time I got trained in different models and approaches to working with our hang-ups — those that drag us back, prevent us from seeing possibilities, stop us from taking action. The teachers that inspired and impacted me the most at that time were Dr. Victor Vernon Woolf (USA,) the founder of a type of the transpersonal therapy called Holodynamics that I have been practicing for more than 25 years now, and slightly later Dr. Marilyn Atkinson of the Erikson Coaching International (Canada), from whom I learned a lot about the best processes of the life-coaching and systemic NLP.

And all the models that I studied, all the methodologies had one thing in common: in their essence, they were about freeing us from the conditioning that is imposed on us by the outside world.

Once the grasp of the old way of thinking and perceiving things was sufficiently weakened, a Sufi teacher came my way and I started my journey on the path of Sufism, which had already been captivating me.

After decades of learning from the Sufis – not that I expect that process to ever be completed – I also began meeting other kinds of teachers, people of different walks of life, light-filled beings that started opening yet wider vistas for me, showing ways to perceive the world and modes to live in it that initiated changes in my life exceeding my wildest expectations. They helped me expand and significantly deepen the way I work.

Today I can see how everyone helped in their own way, every single person I met contributed something to my freedom. Every guide opened a different door to let more light into my life.

And that is what I offer you. There would have been other teachers, guides, and helpers in your life before, and there will be many, many more. I invite you to feel inside if I am the right person to help you open the door that you are facing right now.

Whether you feel like I can do anything for you today or not, I call for the light of freedom to welcome and support you on your path, and help you remember that there is always hope, and that you are never alone!